Ground Control is a new way to download and collaborate on project in the community. It combines the strong technologies used in development with the traditional workflow that programmers use on the command line. This in effect codifies the way developers have been collaboration and brings it to your hands through gnome's Nautilus file browser with simple and easy to use dialogs.

Each step of the workflow presents only the relevant buttons for next action step, with the ability to start a condensed workflow for dealing with specific bugs or a full flowing workflow for committing multiple fixes and modifications.

Why Ground Control?

If you've ever tried to fix a problem in the software that you use and then communicate that fix upstream, you'll know how confusing it can be to not only learn all the complex commands to type in, but also the order and purpose of each step. If your fix was a spelling mistake or a new icon, you're not going to want to learn all those complex steps in order to submit your modifications.

So for everyone who doesn't want to use the command line to do development and to enable more none code projects, I've developed Ground Control. It's based upon the standard practices we use as programmers to collaborate on code, but allows you to get involved without the command line.

What's New?

Ground Control now features the ability to fix and mark bugs in commits, see a coloured difference of text edits to confirm your changes and a way to create your own custom buttons to execute scripts, useful for building and testing the result.


We're excited to show off the features currently available:

  • Collaborate with Existing Projects.
  • Commit your changes, even if you're not the project owner.
  • See the changes you've made before you commit them.
  • Request merges with the main development branches.
  • Fix Bugs in a project and mark them as fixed.
  • Get multiple branches and merge in other people's.

If you have ideas on what features would be useful to have in Ground Control, please do create a blueprint on launchpad or ask a question about it.

If you find a problem or error, please report it as a bug on launchpad, the more reports we get the better we're able to fix things for the next release.

What Are People Saying?

Ground Control is revolutionising the way we collaborate - Jono Bacon

Just in case anyone is not comfortable with bzr/launchpad and are not using Ground Control, I highly recommend it!! - Brett Alton

Ground Control has created an environment that allows me to be more productive by making it easier to submit code for to be merged into applications - Chris Johnston.

Making a project easy to contribute to is vital to the success of a project like UCLP, with Ground Control were were able to slice the barrier to entry to our project without sacrificing the benefits of a revision control system - Elizabeth Krumbach